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Medium Risk
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Fraud Score: 65
ru.elitel - 2 is a ​medium​ fraud risk ISP. They operate 2,045 IP addresses, some of which are running public proxies. They manage IP addresses for organisations including Elitel LLC. Scamalytics see medium levels of traffic from this ISP across our global network, some​ of which is fraudulent. We apply a risk score of 65/100 to ru.elitel - 2, meaning that of the traffic where we have visibility, 65​% is suspected to be fraudulent.

IPs by Service

The percentage of ru.elitel - 2 IP addresses which point to servers hosting high risk services:

Anonymizing VPN 0%
Tor Exit Node 0%
Server 0%
Public Proxy 20%
Web Proxy 0%

Percentage IPs by Country

The percentage of ru.elitel - 2 IP addresses which fall under each country:

Russia 100%

Percentage IPs by Organisation

The percentage of Hosting Services Inc IP addresses which fall under each organization for whom they manage IPs:

Elitel LLC 20%

IPs by Fraud Score

The highest risk ru.elitel - 2 IP addresses based on our fraud score:


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