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IP Address Fraud Checker


Use this free Scamalytics tool to check user IPs for potential fraud score

What is Scamalytics?

Learn how this world-class anti-fraud solution can help your business moderate scammers automatically

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What We Do:

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows us to accurately detect scammers and can differentiate between custom scammer signals and scammer trends that are emerging globally.

Realtime Detection

Our API responds with a score in realtime which allows your fraud system to automatically remove fraudulent users immediately, even when moderators are away.

Shared Blacklists

Tap into the dating industry’s largest shared scammer blacklist of profile and network data.

iPhone Scammer

Text Pattern Analysis

We look for patterns in freeform text and messages that detects “scammer grammar” vs normal local use of grammar.

Image Recognition

Our image detection can instantly check images against millions of blacklisted images worldwide to make sure they are instantly eliminated from going live on your site and putting real daters off.

In the News:


"We have been using Scamalytics for over a year now, and the results have been very impressive. The system integrated pretty easily with our own set up and we're very happy with the results. To give you an idea of effectiveness, last month Scamalytics eradicated 97% of scammers with a 0.6% false positive rate, saving us time and protecting our brands."
Tim Taylor COO, Free Dating Platform
"Scamalytics is an essential real-time smart assistant for Lovestruck. It empowers our moderation team, reduces their workload and helps ensure the highest levels of quality and curation that our members demand."
Laurence Holloway COO, Lovestruck

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