IP Address Fraud Check

API Pricing

Our API gives you access to our fraud scores by looking up an IP address. It is priced monthly based on an allowance of lookups for a given month (unused lookups do not carry over). We offer a generous free tier, and a discount for paying annually. A free trial is available whichever tier suits your requirements.

Monthly Requests Pay Monthly Pay Yearly
5,000FREEFREEGet Started
25,000$25$250Free Trial
50,000$50$500Free Trial
75,000$75$750Free Trial
100,000$100$1,000Free Trial
250,000$125$1,250Free Trial
500,000$150$1,500Free Trial
750,000$175$1,750Free Trial
1,000,000$200$2,000Free Trial
2,000,000$300$3,000Free Trial
2,500,000$350$3,500Free Trial
3,000,000$400$4,000Free Trial
4,000,000$500$5,000Free Trial
5,000,000$600$6,000Free Trial
7,500,000$800$8,000Free Trial
10,000,000$1,000$10,000Free Trial
20,000,000$1,500$15,000Free Trial
30,000,000$2,000$20,000Free Trial
40,000,000$2,500$25,000Free Trial
50,000,000$3,000$30,000Free Trial
60,000,000$3,500$35,000Free Trial
70,000,000$4,000$40,000Free Trial
80,000,000$4,500$45,000Free Trial
90,000,000$5,000$50,000Free Trial
100,000,000$5,500$55,000Free Trial
100,000,000+Contact UsContact Us
Custom AgreementFrom $500 per monthContact Us